R&D collaboration

Through number of investments in other companies and overseas affiliates, we are pursuing open innovations to elevate corporate value, including technical support, production, overseas sales, and marketing for PSK Group's core technologies.

In addition, we are actively exploring and investing new businesses model , expanding semiconductor equipment business, and securing technology through partnership with companies.

University research institute

  • Securing technology competency and human resource reference
  • Development of equipment and parts through technical consultation
  • Forecast for market and commercialization of technology
  • Strategy for new technology development


  • Technical cooperation and win-win strategy with partners
  • Development and secure of base technology through joint development
  • Mass production of localized products
  • Strengthening competitiveness through technology development and product improvement

Institutes of technology

  • Research and development for technology
  • Reinforced control of plasma equipment quality and defect detect process
  • Establishing technology infrastructure nationwide
  • Evaluation and improvement of new technology equipment

Acquisition/investment of external institutions

  • Expansion of semiconductor equipments
  • Investment in new technology businesses